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CEO Pieter leaves SRXP

CEO and founder Pieter Verbruggen leaves SRXP after 10 years

Mar 25, 2021 10:00:00 AM

CEO and founder Pieter Verbruggen leaves SRXP after 10 successful years. Read his story here.


Dear reader,

Despite the many restrictions due to COVID-19, fortunately we can always dream. From a young age, I had the dream of starting my own business. Something that became a reality 10 years ago with the creation of SecuReceipt (then called SRXP). Now, 10 years later, I have decided to take a new path and am leaving SRXP as CEO of the company. In this email, I share my story with you:

How it started

My SRXP adventure all started at UVA at the Minor Entrepeneurship where I had the idea for a receipts app, together with two other students Mark Bothof & Rogier Schutte. This idea became reality when we founded SRXP (then called SecuReceipt) on 07-06-2010. My adventure at SRXP had begun!

Pieter, along with co-founders Mark & Rogier Pieter, along with co-founders Mark & Rogier

Mark & Rogier took charge of the technical part and I was allowed to bring in the customers. At that time I was still using a simple Powerpoint and a Blackberry with SRXP on it.

SRXP on the BlackberrySRXP on the Blackberry

Market leader in the Netherlands in Expense Management Software

After some difficult years, the growth of SRXP was there. SRXP became a household name in the Dutch business world and in 2015 we became market leader in the Netherlands in Expense Management Software. With big customers like Rituals, Bugaboo and Suitsupply, the SRXP-app literally flew around the world in users' pockets, making SRXP successful internationally as well.

This success did not go unnoticed, and in 2017 SRXP won several awards, including the Dutch Fintech Awards (2017) and the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds (2017).

SRXP Winner Oranje Handelsmissie fonds
SRXP winner of the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds (2017)

Acquisition by Exact in 2019

Meanwhile, SRXP was playing itself into the spotlight of major software companies. After several big offers and many times saying 'no', at the end of 2018 the question came from Exact whether SRXP would be open to a strategic partnership. I knew immediately what this meant, but again the doubt struck. After all, things were going so well and it was so much fun! After a good negotiation, the doubts disappeared and a strategic collaboration turned into an acquisition.

SRXP & Exact acquisistion
Exact acquisition in 2019

Time for a new adventure

In short, with the acquisition of Exact, a happy team, countless features in our SRXP app and portal, and over 100,000 users worldwide, my mission is accomplished. My adventure at SRXP is over. It's time for a new adventure.

What's next?

SRXP will continue to function in its current form. With great confidence I pass the baton to Dennis Voermans who will continue my work within SRXP and there is a fantastic team ready to continue to improve and innovate SRXP in the coming years.

Thank you!

Some have been there from the beginning, others a little later. One thing is certain, without you all this could not have happened. First of all a special thanks to Rogier Schutte and Mark Bothof with whom this adventure all started. In addition, I would like to thank the great team, our partners and all our customers for this wonderful time.


Pieter Verbruggen

Signature Pieter
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E-mail address: pieter@pieterverbruggen.com
Website: www.pieterverbruggen.com

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Pieter Verbruggen

Pieter Verbruggen

CEO & Founder
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