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New in SRXP: Integrate credit card expenses in your digital expenses inbox

Oct 1, 2015 1:00:30 PM

New in SRXP: Integrate credit card expenses in your digital expenses inbox

SRXP takes streamlining the expense reporting process to the next level by providing full credit card integration between employees’ corporate credit cards and their SRXP account.

When using a corporate credit card, credit card expenses automatically appear in the SRXP account of the employee. The employees can attach receipts and fill out expense details according to policy requirements. Most expense details will be pre-filled, using information from the credit card expense import. Approvers can view all credit card expenses and associated receipts, give feedback or push the report to administration.


Make sure every credit card expense is justified

By providing credit card integration, SRXP offers a solution to the problem that many organisations that give out corporate credit cards struggle with: not being able to justify credit card transactions. Compared to expenses that the employee has paid for himself, employees with corporate credit cards have less incentive to put effort in saving receipts. By capturing receipts with a photograph and saving them in a digital expenses inbox, saving receipts cannot get any easier. With the credit card integration, your expense reporting management becomes more accountable.


Prevent expense fraud

A receipt can only merge with a credit card charge when the amount is exactly the same. This way errors in the reconciliation process are reduced significantly. Moreover, a credit card statement can only be submitted when all expenses are justified with a receipt.


Increase efficiency for finance

At the same time finance increases efficiency with this integration. No more (e)mailing credit card statements back and forth. It is not longer up to finance to sort piles of receipts and match them to credit card statements, of course to find out some receipts are missing. 

Click here to digitise and integrate your MasterCard statements.


Update 01/04/2016: The credit card integration is now also available for AMEX

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Pieter Verbruggen

Pieter Verbruggen

CEO & Founder
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