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Save time by duplicating a mileage expense to multiple dates

Jan 12, 2016 12:10:00 AM

Save time by duplicating a mileage expense to multiple dates

Some mileage expenses you have to report multiple times. For example, when you work at a client for a couple of weeks, or when you have to report your daily commute. A few weeks ago, we already improved adding mileage expenses by integrating automatic distance calculation with Google Maps. Now we have further reduced the time for adding mileage expenses by allowing you to duplicate an expense to multiple dates.

This is how it works:

1. Add a new mileage expense

Start by adding a new mileage expense. It is best to fill out all information right new (as opposed to completing it later), because the information that you fill out now, will be copied to the other dates as well.

2. Select Copy mileage to other dates

After you have selected the appropriate category (per default you have 'Car - not commute' and 'Car - commute' but your admin can change this), a new line below the date will appear. Here you can select Copy mileage to other dates.

3. Select the dates and click 'Save'

A calendar will now appear. You can select all dates that you want to create the same mileage expense for, and click 'Save'.

4. Find all expenses in your expenses inbox

SRXP will automatically create the same mileage expense for all of these dates. You can add the expenses to a report.

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Pieter Verbruggen

Pieter Verbruggen

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