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Welcome to our new website!

Oct 1, 2015 11:00:34 AM

Welcome to our new website!

Last months we have been working on a new website. Today we are proud the present the result. In this article we will explain what is new about our website. Even if you are familiar with our company and the product, we promise that our improved website has a lot of new content to offer!

Let’s start at the home page. After being confronted with the expanse chaos on the desk, you will quickly notice that our home page is different than on most websites. Instead of providing more information about SRXP, the visitor is first asked to identify him- or herself: are you a finance manager, HR manager, accountant or expense reporter? This way we can offer website visitors information that is relevant for them. After all, a finance manager is looking for different features and benefits than an accountant.

Once you have identified yourself, you’ll enter the actual website. It is divided in three tabs: Product, Learn and Company.

Here you find the tour, benefits and pricing pages. We are especially fond of the tour page. If you hover over the steps in the tour, the screenshots change with it. That way you get a real good idea of the workflow and look & feel of SRXP.

Compared to our old website, this part is entirely new. You can read cases of current customers, like Bugaboo, SkyTeam and Mammoet. Keep an eye on this page because we’ll keep expanding it with more cases of both small and large companies.

On the page ‘Integrations’ you can find information about all systems and other software SRXP connects with. This is great for visitors that are exploring their opportunities to incorporate SRXP in their current financial processes. You select your accounting system and find out how to connect SRXP to it. Also you can find information on integrations that will be released soon!

And of course, we are in the Learn tab right now, which means that you find our blog here. On this blog we share product updates, milestones we have reached with SRXP, best practices on expense management and much more. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a monthly update on the new blog articles we have posted.

As you must have noticed by now, our blog is in English. So are all pages that are part of the Learn chapter. Because this part of the website will be updated so regularly, we had to keep an eye on scalability. SRXP is growing internationally, so English is a must. Luckily, Dutchies are usually well equipped to read English. Though, if you want us to clarify something in Dutch, we are always ready to help. The other pages of the website are available in both English and Dutch.

Of course, the people behind the product are just as important as the product itself. On the team page you find everyone that is a part of SRXP. More about the team spirit and company values you find (surprisingly perhaps) on the jobs page. With good reason: we are always looking for talent and by sharing our entrepreneurial team spirit we hope to convince them to apply. This in itself is also a novelty on our website: you can now apply for a job opening on the vacancy page itself. Last, we introduced an events page on the new website. We partner regularly with all kind of events, and as a partner we often get to offer our clients and partners discounted or even free tickets. Of course, we don’t want to hold that from you.

Please look around on the website. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Pieter Verbruggen

Pieter Verbruggen

CEO & Founder
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