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‘SRXP is a smart solution for the administrative task most complained about by account managers.’


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Bugaboo is a Dutch company that produces designer pushchairs for infants and toddlers. It has seen its profit quadruple over the last five years. The products are now available in 50 countries.

The sales teams are vital to the success of consumer goods companies such as Bugaboo. A few years ago, Bugaboo saw their business growing quickly internationally. The sales team grew fast and had to travel all over the world. Finance was losing control over expense management. At the same time, the sales representatives were complaining about the reimbursement process.

Finance manager Rob van Dijk and CSO Mieke van der Loo decided that a smart tool was needed to resolve the problems on both sides. Soon they came across SRXP and Bugaboo became one of our first international clients. Especially important for Bugaboo was the scalability of the expense solution. A big advantage of SRXP for traveling sales representatives is that the app can also be used to capture expenses when it’s not connected to the Internet. Expenses will be automatically synchronized with the online portal when it is connected again.

Bugaboo started with a pilot with a selected group of sales representatives. After a positive evaluation SRXP was made available for all sales representatives. ‘SRXP is a smart solution for the administrative task most complained about by our account managers’, says Mieke van der Loo, CSO of Bugaboo. They were even so enthusiastic that not long after this, SRXP was rolled out for everyone working for Bugaboo.

After SRXP introduced its credit card integration with MasterCard last year, they connected their corporate MasterCards to the SRXP portal as well. Now they have their entire expense management automated and digitized.

150.000 Expenses
450 Users
2013 First Year
€ 20.000 Annual Savings Estimate