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Mammoet is the leading industrial lifting expert for heavy lifting and transport. Founded in 1807, Mammoet helps clients to improve construction efficiency and to optimise the uptime of plants and installations.

As the world's leader in heavy lifting and transport, Mammoet was facing the challenge of the constant flow of paper receipts from all over the world. Because business expenses were still processed manually, it was difficult to process the expenses without mistakes and efficiently. Mammoet, whose motto is ‘the biggest thing we move is time’, wants to incorporate efficiency in every aspect of their back office as well. The main reason to start with mobile expense reporting was to make reimbursement process more efficient and thus to save time.

But there was more to it. ‘In the manual process, lost receipts were a cause of frustration for both the expense reporter and the finance department’, says Marcel Peek, Payroll Manager at Mammoet. ‘Employees would just hand in receipts somewhere at the office and hoping that it would end up at the right person. When they received their salary and they found out that their expense wasn’t reimbursed, the discussion started. The employee wondered why (s)he didn’t receive the reimbursement, while the HR department didn’t receive the receipt. Of course it also happened that employees lost receipts before they got to the office. Eventually we would reimburse the expense, but we needed more control and to increase our accountability.’

Besides that, Mammoet wanted to minimise the administrative tasks that employees have to do. ‘At Mammoet, it is very important that the system is easy to use and user friendly to help our employees as much as possible. SRXP is very user-friendly, which is an essential quality. It is very intuitive and you know exactly which steps you have to take when you want to submit an expense. This was proven by the fact that all the colleagues who were in the pilot immediately reacted enthusiastically’, said Marcel Peek.

Following the reasoning of user friendliness, Mammoet aims to integrate everything into one system, namely SAP. That is why the interface between SAP and SRXP was crucial. The fact that SRXP can integrate into the interface of SAP ensured Mammoet that employees can work from one portal. ‘Of course we also looked into the expenses tool of SAP but a comparable solution of SAP was very expensive. We also considered to build an expense module ourselves but we considered that to be too much work’, says Marcel Peek.

‘Last, the price model was also very good and clear. Everything is included which means you don’t have any unexpected costs after implementation. This was amplified by the down-to-earth and pleasant way of doing business of SRXP. To conclude, SRXP offered a very good and affordable solution for the problems we were experiencing.’

40.000 Expenses
1200 Users
2014 First year
€ 12.000 Annual Savings Estimate