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Pon Equipment

Pon Holdings BV was founded by Ben Pon Jr. in 1980 and became a Dutch multinational that is active in the transportation sector. Pon Equipment, a subsidiary of Pon Holdings, is known for their distribution of commercial vehicles in The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Taking a picture of the receipt with the SRXP expenses app and submitting the expenses online. That is all that employees have to do to report business expenses. Pon Equipment is finally relieved from the expense chaos with paper receipts. The Google Map integration for reporting mileage expenses is much used as well.

On expenses overview appears on the computer screen of finance manager Martijn van der Horst. A receipt of € 2,40 for a ferry a mechanic had to take. € 30,45 for diesel for an aggregate, and € 50,43 for a lunch. Before SRXP, employees had to save all the receipts, gather them, and add them to Excel sheets. Now the employee just takes a picture of the receipt with the expenses app, and (s)he adds the amount and category. If the expenses are approved and submitted on time, the advanced amount is immediately reimbursed with the salary. The VAT is calculated by SRXP as well. On the screen an overview of all expenses is shown, and the picture serves as the justification of the expense. Martijn: 'Dutch National Bank and the tax authorities have approved SRXP. The data is stored for 10 years.' 

Google Maps

'Pon Equipment has benefited a lot of SRXP', says Martijn. This goes for both the company and the employee. The employee used to loose receipts, or submitted them too late. Within the company, the expenses had to go through several layers of approval, for fiscal correctness, compliance with Dutch legislation, and company policy. 'That process is now completely automated', says Martijn. 'Everything is smoothly processed: the employee submits the expenses, it automatically goes the correct approver, and the payroll department reimburses the expenses if everything is correct. You can also see what the status of an expense is, or whether receipts were rejected. SRXP even has an integration with Google Maps for mileage expenses. The employee fills out the start location and the destination, the via-option is also available, and the app calculates the mileages and expense amount. Does someone have a company car? In that case SRXP blocks the category that allows that employee to report mileages expenses. You can also add limits to the amount that employees are allowed to spend.'

Deafening silence

Even though SRXP is not used to tightly control and benchmark employees, SRXP had a lot of added value from the financial controlling point-of-view. Martijn: 'Of course you can make analyses. What do we spend money on? When is what reported? You can very well use SRXP to benchmark'. Martijn was also surprised by the adaption level the employees demonstrated. 'We tested SRXP first with a small pilot. We hardly received any questions. Employees understood SRXP directly. We had prepared ourselves for lots of questions but the company-wide roll-out went very quiet as well. It was a deafening silence'. Sales and mechanics had just received new company phones, so everyone was able to take pictures with the expenses app. Martijn: 'And if, for some reason, someone isn't able to do that at that particular moment, someone else can take a picture and email it to you.'

Martijn concludes how Pon Equipment has benefitted from SRXP: 'transparency, clarity about when expenses are reimbursed, no more frustrations, no more copying hundreds of receipts into the administration, and no more fear that you aren't reimbursed in time because the expenses are not signed by the correct person.'

This business case is based on an interview with Martijn van der Horst that was published in cm:, a magazine for financial professionals. You can find the original article (in Dutch) here.

350 Users
15000 Expenses
2015 First Year
€ 7.000 Annual Savings Estimate