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Port of Rotterdam

Since more and more organisations are trying to increase its efficiency, the demand for digital expense management solutions is increasing. Because Port of Rotterdam directly noticed the costs and time that were saved due to automation, digital expense management became a part of one of their strategic plans.

Due to the fact a certain economical pressure can be felt by globally operating organisations, every trustworthy way to decrease costs is welcome. For these kind of organisations, expense management is one of the biggest operational expenses. Therefore, software to digitize expense management is playing a big role.

World of paper
Before working with SRXP, Port of Rotterdam ‘lived in a world full of paper’. The process of managing and approving the expenses manually resulted in big stacks of paper that the managers had to go through. Every monday morning. It was clearly time for a change.

The day before going live with SRXP, the Active Directory Federation Services (a software component) was not ready to operate. Port of Rotterdam asked SRXP if it was possible to rearrange the authorisation and to let ADFS go. This was quite a big task to do in just one day, but  luckily it was not a problem. “A lot of employees are still baffled by how this was possible, they are not used to the fact organisations can pull this off.” From day 1, as planned, Port of Rotterdam was able to start simplifying their expense management.

Increasing efficiency

With the help of SRXP, employees of Port of Rotterdam discovered that manual processes are now digital and automated, which results in a direct increase in efficiency. Employees, especially the HR and SPC (Statistical Process Control) manager, can from now on focus on what really matters.

Keep it simple
Since the demand for expense management solutions is increasing, competition in this market in increasing as well. SRXP has to keep developing itself and its products to keep the customers satisfied. A lot of time and effort is put in this process as customer satisfaction is SRXP’s top priority. In this case, Port of Rotterdam’s employees are most satisfied with the simplicity of the app and online portal. “What SRXP characterises is the interface and the simplicity. It is quite hard for an employee to make a mistake during the expense reporting process.”

Never change a winning team
As you may know, SRXP organised a customer day this year on the 21st of April. The reason behind this event was to interact more with the customer by presenting the roadmap, SRXP’s future plans, and asking about their opinions. During this day, an interesting conversation took place between Port of Rotterdam and SRXP. “Please keep only focussing on the expense reporting process, that is your strongsuit. If you expand with other functionalities, your attention will over-extend and you may lose your position as top of the class.” This is exactly the reason why SRXP is only focussed on customer satisfaction and the expense management process, to keep being top of the class.

35000 Expenses
1250 Users
2015 First Year
€ 12.000 Annual Savings Estimate