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SkyTeam is an airline alliance with its centralised management team based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. SkyTeam is the second largest alliance in the world, consisting of 20 carriers from five continents. With a fleet of over 3,000 mainline planes, SkyTeam operates 15,700 daily flights.

Collecting receipts, printing a form, filing out the form, sorting the receipts, stapling the receipts to it and handing it to the manager. That is what expense reporting in many companies looks like. SkyTeam was one of those companies. They had to fly receipts all over the world, until they discovered SRXP. Adri de Vreeze, controller SkyTeam: ‘SRXP is the last step in digital accounting’.

The finance department of SkyTeam had the goal of digitising administration where possible. That is the reason they choose for the finance software of AccountView. The only thing that AccountView did not offer was digitising expense claim management. Unfortunately, it was the expense reporting process that costed much time and money. When Adri de Vreeze heard about the expense reporting app of SRXP, he was immediately sold.

‘Financing in AccountView offered many benefits and was going well. However, as traveling company we had an enormous amount of receipts that needed to be processed manually. Because SRXP was easy to integrate with AccountView, we took the last step in online accounting.’

Our people were annoyed by the paper process of filing expense reports. Mobile expense reporting with SRXP was picked up quickly by everyone. People experience it as much more fun to do. It was not necessary to train employees because the expense reporting system works very intuitively. Every layer of the organisation is very satisfied. Therefore, I sincerely recommend SRXP.

26.000 Expenses
70 Users
2011 First Year
€ 2.800 Annual Savings Estimate