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Cut costs

Save up to 20% per businesstrip by reclaiming all your foreign VAT

Reduce time

Reduce expense handling time by 75%

Gain control

Get real-time data on company credit card spending

Get insight

Get insights on spending by functions, departments and entities

What is OCR software?

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is special technology to automatically recognize text of scanned images and then processing it digitally in machine read-able data.

An example of OCR software is an expense app. With an expense app, the only thing employees have to do is making a picture of their paper receipts and the OCR software will do the rest. The OCR software automatically recognizes data such as the amount, location and currency of the receipt and stores the data digitally in a digital receipt. In this way, employees can submit their receipts easily and the administration can save up 75% percent within the processsing process.

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OCR scanner - how does it work?

  • 1. Employees take a picture of their receipts with the expense app

    Employees make a picture of their receipts with their expense app. The paper receipt can be thrown away in the trash bin!

  • 2. The OCR software scans and recognizes important data of the receipt, such as the location, amount and currency.

    The OCR scanner automatically scans and recognizes important data such as the location, currency and amount of the expense. Additionally, the employee can add a project or category to the expense. The expense is now ready for approval.

  • 3. The administration processes the digital expenses easily in their accounting package

    The administration processes the scanned receipts of the OCR scanner easily in their bookkeeping package with one click. Manual copying expense data is no longer necessary.

Benefits of OCR software

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

No more paper hassle

No more hassle keeping receipts and paper expenses forms to justify your expenses. The OCR software makes sure that your expense data is saved digitally in the expense software. 

2. Creditcard

Eliminate manual mistakes from your administration

The OCR software takes the hassle out of typing and processing claim data for employees, managers and the administration and automatically saves the digital receipts in the expense software. Failures with entering data in your administration are automatically eliminated.

2. Creditcard
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Easy and efficiënt expense process

Where was the expense made? Under which VAT category does this expense fall? Figuring out all these things can take up a lot of an employee's time and may result in delaying the submission of expenses. With OCR software, employees no longer have to worry about this, because the necessary data is automatically stored in the cloud.

Employees scan receipts quickly and easily with a declarations app on their phone. The manager checks the declarations in one swipe and the administration receives the declarations in real time in a digital overview. Manual operations have completely disappeared. This is truly digital expensing.

Our favorite OCR features

  • Credit card integration

    With OCR software, it is possible to mark down credit card statements automatically. The employee pays with a corporate credit card and scans the receipt with the software. Scanned receipts are automatically matched with the correct credit card transactions based on the matching currency and amount of the receipt. This makes the writing off of credit card statements a thing of the past.

  • Digital expense policy

    OCR software also recognizes when expenses do or do not comply with your expense policy. You set up your company's expense rules once and then the software automatically checks whether the submitted expenses comply with these rules. Have you, for example, specified that a lunch may not cost more than € 12.50 and the employee expenses € 20? Then the claim is automatically rejected. It is that easy to make a digital expense.

  • Real-time insight into expenses

    With OCR software, employees claim expenses directly from their phones, giving you real-time insight into employee expenses in your administration. Do you see a deviant spending pattern? Then you can intervene immediately.

  • Export to your accounting-, payroll- or ERP package

    OCR software is known for its flexibility. You link the software once to your accounting package and then you book expenses in your administration with one push of a button. 

  • Mileage logging with Google Maps

    Easily expense your driven miles with Google Maps. Choose an address from your personal address book or let Google Maps recognize your current location. You never have to type addresses again and Google Maps automatically calculates your driven kilometers.


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