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Privacy Policy

February, 2016

SRXP takes the privacy of its Users very seriously and treats (personal) data with care. We realize that privacy and protection of personal data are important. SRXP has drawn up this Privacy Policy to inform you about the policy and procedures with regard to the collection, use and other ways of processing (personal) data which SRXP acquires from registered and non-registered users of the Service.

The provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to SRXP Service Users. SRXP has reported the processing of personal data to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

1. Identity of SRXP/the Service

SRXP, trade name of SecuReceipt BV, with its registered office in and principal place of business at Science Park 402 in 1098 XH Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is responsible for the processing of personal data.

‘Service’ in this Privacy Statement is taken to mean: all current and future electronic and digital services that SRXP offers, such as, among other things but not limited to, the services listed on the website of SRXP, including the mobile versions thereof and all digital applications

2. Information that SRXP collects and processes

  • 2.1 SRXP account

    An account is created through the website www.srxp.com by the administrator of your company or organisation so as to make use of the Service. The administrator has entered some of your (personal) data. This data can be (partially) edited by yourself and by the administrator of your company or organisation. You personally set the password and this can only be changed by you personally. An SRXP account provides you with access to that part of the Service for which registration is required.

    The aforesaid data in the account is required by SRXP to be able to execute the Service and to administer the accounts. If you add or edit data at a later time, these will be processed by SRXP in order to be of even better service to you. SRXP will never ask for login information. Please ignore requests for login and password information. Employees of SRXP do not require your login information.

  • 2.2 Content of accounts

    When you enter (personal) data in the account, SRXP will transfer the files and information to its servers and all related information will be transferred to the account in question.

  • 2.3 Automatically generated information

    SRXP can possibly collect automatically generated information about your use of the Website and the Service in order to ensure the Website and the Service function optimally and to ensure their security. This information comprises your IP address, the identity of the provider used, the type of browser and computer system used by you, your account number, the pages visited by you and any cookies present. The results are exclusively used in an aggregated form and not in a form which is traceable to individual persons.

    We make use of cookies and Google Analytics to acquire an impression of your activities within our website and service to be able to offer you an optimal experience.

3. Purpose of the collection of information

SRXP collects (personal) data for the following purposes:
1. The improvement of the service provision by SRXP;
2. To be able to execute SRXP’s Service;
3. Managing and protecting the accounts and the Service;
4. The inspection of the technical functionality of the Website and the Service;
5. To inform you (by email) and to keep you informed about SRXP offers and news about SRXP and the Service.

SRXP cannot execute the Service without the processing of the (personal) data referred to above. At the same time, SRXP can also continue to improve the Service with the data and it can better align the Service to your personal preferences, for example by combining the information acquired from the ‘cookies’ with your User Profile (see also our Cookie Policy).

IP addresses are collected to prevent misuse and for the protection of the Service.
Data is also possibly used for statistical purposes, which are also transparent for suppliers of SRXP or other third parties. The data is of course made anonymous; it (exclusively) concerns ‘quantified’ data.

SRXP keeps you informed on a regular basis about offers of its Service which might be of interest to you. If you do not (or no longer) wish to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe through the unsubscribe link that can be found in emails you receive from SRXP.

4. Cookies and Google Analytics

The Service of SRXP makes use of cookies. A cookie is a small file which is sent together with a page of the website and is saved by your browser on the hard disk of your computer or mobile equipment. SRXP uses cookies in accordance with its Cookie Policy. We refer you to our ‘Cookie Policy’ for further information about the use of Cookies and Google Analytics by SRXP and the Service.

5. Third party websites

If you follow an Internet link on the Website to the website of a third party, you will leave the SRXP Service in question and be redirected to the website of that third party. The conditions of use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy of SRXP expressly do not apply to the use of that website but the terms and conditions the third party will apply. SRXP is in no manner whatsoever liable for the use of third party websites.

6. Engagement of third parties

SRXP make use of the services of third parties for the execution and operation of its Service. These third parties will possibly get access to your (personal) data, however this is exclusively for the execution of SRXP services. SRXP will obligate these third parties to not disclose or process your personal data except for and insofar as is necessary for the execution of the services.

Linking of the Service
We offer, upon the request of and for the Licensee, the possibility of creating a link between the Service, including the (user) data of the Licensee and its Users, and the (financial) software of third parties used by the Licensee (such as Exact Online, Twinfield). The Licensee will expressly be the controller for all (personal) data for which the Licensee brings/has brought this link into effect.

7. Transfer to countries outside of the EU

The same protection of your data is not offered in countries outside of the European Union (EU) as it is in the countries within the EU. SRXP exclusively processes your (personal) data within the EU.

8. Access and correction

Every User/natural person has the right to request access from SRXP to the (manner of) processing of his or her personal data. Processing includes, among other things, every action or combination of actions with regard to collecting, recording, saving, making available, consulting and/or bringing together personal data. SRXP will, upon your request, (through support@srxp.com) provide access to your personal data and will upon your request, insofar as necessary, improve, add to, remove or shield personal data if it appears that your personal data is not correct or not relevant to the purpose of the processing.

9. protection

SRXP takes suitable technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) data (for example by applying encryption). Backups are regularly made to limit the chance of loss of data to a minimum. Furthermore, SRXP takes the reasonably required measures to ensure that the processed (personal) data is correct, complete and up-to-date. The latter is also dependent on the correct provision of information by the users. The applied technical protection specifications are stated on the SRXP Website.

10. Transfer of company or transfer of the Service

If SRXP is taken over or if a third party takes over the Service or the execution thereof from SRXP, then all (personal) data will be transferred to this third party.

11. Amendment of privacy policy

It is possible that the SRXP Privacy Policy will be extended or amended. It is advisable to regularly consult this Privacy Policy because such amendments will be included therein.If you have further questions about our Privacy Policy please contact us by telephone via +31 20 2611 711 or by email via support@srxp.com.