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What are corporate creditcards?

Corporate creditcards is a convenient payment solution for companies, with which you can pay easily anywhere in the world.

A corporate credit card is a convenient means of payment for employees, as it eliminates the need to advance expenses with a private card or cash. On the other hand, a corporate credit card increases the risk of the administration losing control over expenses. 

Companies regain this control by integrating corporate credit cards with expense reporting software. This integration makes, among other things, credit card transactions visible to the administration 24/7.

Examples of credit card issuers are International Card Services (ICS) and Mastercard Corporate.


Integrating business credit cards with expense software - how does it work?

  • 1. Employees pay by corporate credit card

    Employees pay with a corporate credit card and scan the paper receipt with the expense app.

  • 2. Automatic merging of credit card transactions and receipts

    The automatic datafeed matches the transactions and the receipts based on corresponding location, amount and currency.

  • 3. Your credit card statements are automatically cancelled

    The credit card statements have now been cancelled. Expense software takes the debiting of credit card statements completely out of your hands. This means you no longer have to spend time manually writing down credit card statements.

Pay and expense in just three steps

The benefits of corporate creditcards

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

Save your time for other tasks

You’ll never have to spend time on searching for credit card statements and receipts ever again. All credit card payments are matched with the right receipts instantly by the expense software.

2. Creditcard

Creditcard transactions real-time visible

By integrating your corporate creditcards with your expense management process, you get real-time data on company spending. When employees pay with their corporate creditcard, payments are real-time visible for the administration, due to our real-time connection with your credit card issuer.

2. Creditcard
Rapportage SRXP small

Vat-compliant data

The corporate creditcard-expense software integration makes sure that all credit card data are extracted, so that expenses are filed correct and automatically. In this way, you can easily reclaim VAT and it is even possible to reclaim foreign VAT automatically. 

Mastercard Corporate and SRXP: a solid duo, excellence in payment processing

Maximize efficiency and safety from payment until processing.

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