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What is a debitcard?

Easy means of payment for employees and 100% control over spending

A debit card, also known as a "debit card," is a card where a person's money is deducted from their account immediately after payment. With a credit card, the money is only debited after the fact. 

More and more companies are providing employees with debit cards to easily make business expenses. 




How does a debitcard work?

Step 1: Employees pay with their debit card

Employees pay with a debit card and scan receipts into the expense app.

Step 2: Automatic match of receipts with debit card transactions

The debit card transaction automatically enters the expense software and automatically matches the debit card transaction with the scanned receipt.

Step 3: Book directly into your accounting system

After checking, the expense will be processed into your finance or HR system with just one click.

Benefits of a debitcard

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

No more reconciling statements

Spend no more time debiting statements and receipts. With statement software, receipts are directly linked to the corresponding debit card transaction. 

In addition, you save hours of work by exporting all statement data with one click to the HR-, Finance- or ERP system of your choice. 

2. Creditcard

Control over spending

Collect all real-time payments in one convenient place. You set budgets per card, employee, function and department. Does an expense not comply with your rules? Then it will be detected automatically. This keeps you informed of everything that happens in your account. 

2. Creditcard
Rapportage SRXP small

Goodbye small greenhouse and paper

Abolish petty cash and make payments secure. By allowing staff to pay with debit cards, you reduce the risk of fraud.  

Moreover, a digital claim is kept in cloud for 10 years compliant for the tax authorities. Goodbye paper. 

Compare with standard debit card solution

SRXP in combinatie met Bunq Standaard debitcard oplossing
All-in-one solution
Expense app for employees without cards
Link with project administration
Automatic application of business rules
Claiming expenses advanced by yourself
Reconcile creditcards
Foreign VAT refund
Hourly expenses
Bundled declaration forms
Request business trips
Reconcile debitcards
One contact person
Budgeting at the departmental level or per employee

Easy payments and expenses with bunq and SRXP

Bank of the free

This unique combination of bunq and SRXP allows not only to import transactions in real-time , but also to easily manage all bunq cards in SRXP. For example, change card limits, easily set allowed countries where people can declare, freeze and block cards and much more.