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1. Employee


1. Employee


Capture receipts with the expense app of SRXP

Capture your receipts with the expense app of SRXP. Additional information such as location, currency and amount are automatically entered by the OCR software of SRXP. 


Calculate mileages with Google Maps

Easily register your mileages driven with Google Maps. Enter your own route and SRXP calculates your mileages automatically and enters the total amount. Read more about submitting mileage expenses with an app.


Register overtime, daily allowances and shifts

Claim extra workhours, shifts and daily allowances easily in the expense app of SRXP. Link them directly to the project or category on which they were created. Clear for you and the administration. 


Trip request

Get more control over your budget planning by enabling employees to request trips upfront. Trips can be easily digitally approved or denied by management or finance.

2. Manager

2. Manager


Business rules

Implement expense rules in SRXP and enforce policies automatically. Mark, block or add a rule based on maximum costs per user, function or department, but also per expense type, category or project. Read more about business rules in SRXP.


Stay on top of the planning

Get an digital overview of all non-submitted expenses and avoid receiving a flow of receipts at the end of the month.


Approve with just one swipe

Approve with just one swipe with the expense app of SRXP. Are you unsure whether your expense is justified? Then you put it on hold by swiping up. Check your expenses in no time! Read more about in-app approving.


Send expenses to Finance for the final check

Send the approved expenses to Finance for the final check with just one click.


3. Finance

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3. Finance


Real-time insights

With SRXP you have real-time insights into the expenses of employees. Do you see a different spending pattern? Then you intervene immediately.

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Report filters

With the report filters of SRXP, you can easily filter your expenses based on personal number, position, entities, ledger numbers, cost centers and custom characteristics. This way you can make reports of claims in an instant!


Credit card integration

Invoices paid by credit card are automatically matched with the photo of the receipt. This means you never have to look for receipts and credit card statements again. Read more here about the creditcardintegration of SRXP.


Export to your accounting-, salary- or ERP-package

Export to your accounting-, salary- or ERP package.
SRXP integrates seamlessly with countless accounting, salary or ERP packages, allowing you to export to your administration with the click of a button. View all integrations of SRXP here.