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What is bookkeeping software?

Bookkeeping software is special software where companies can store their administration digitally. In this way the administration keeps overview and control over their business expenses.

Previously, companies kept their administration mainly in folders full of paper or Excel sheets. Setting up and performing bookkeeping through paper or Excel takes a lot of time. This time-consuming task is often preferably postponed for as long as possible. This can lead to rising costs, cash problems or, if receipts or invoices are missing, even problems with accountability to the tax authorities. 

More and more companies are therefore opting to digitize their records using bookkeeping software. 

By using bookkeeping software, companies can realize huge time and cost savings on the administration. By integrating your bookkeeping software with a digital expense tool, you make your digital administration complete:

  • You always have a digital overview of your financial administration.
  • You accelerate the processing time on the administration with more than 75%.
  • Your business expenses are always justified with the necessary invoices and receipts.

SRXP's expense report solution integrates with numerous bookkeeping software packages. From renowned bookkeeping packages such as Twinfield to the ERP package of SAP.