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Efficiency in three steps

Step 1

Employees capture receipts, mileages and timesheets with the SRXP-app

Step 2

The manager of approves or rejects all gathered expenses in one go

Step 3

After a check from finance, the expenses will be processed into the Exact Online directly

See your benefits



Never process an expense manually ever again. Whether it’s paid in advance, or with a company credit card. Easily automate your entire process by filing receipts, requesting trips, noting mileages, timesheets and per diems in one central expense management system.



Save countless hours of work by one-click-exporting all expense data into your Exact online environment. All expenses will be exported with the right GL-codes connecting to the entities, departments and employee functions that you desire. There’s no manual work left.


Credit Cards

Tired of matching credit card statements and receipts? Connect all credit cards to SRXP and enable your process to be fully automated. Our algorithm automatically detects payments and matches them with the right receipts. Leaving you with real-time data on company spending.


Vat reclaim

International VAT refunds are too complicated and time-consuming to figure out for small expenses. Allow your organisation to save up to 20% per business trip by letting us reclaim VAT on expenses uploaded in SRXP. We’ll reclaim it all, making sure you’ll never lose a dime again.

About Loket

And our connection

Let’s make expense management easy with SRXP and keep all your financial data in one place! We offer a web-based integration that synchronises your expense claims automatically with your Loket.nl administration.

We offer an on-premises connection that synchronises expense claims with your Loket.nl administration.

SRXP can connect with Loket.nl via the Download&Upload method. The expense data needs to be downloaded from SRXP first (as an XML file) and then uploaded into Loket.nl.

SRXP is completely customisable so that our software fits seamlessly into your administrative processes.

In the export format settings you can define your own mapping. This means you can decide which expense data from SRXP should end up in which fields in Loket.nl. We have made the connection with Loket.nl as flexible as possible, so it directly fulfils your needs. We’ll set you up with a default commonly used mapping to get you started. Feel free to reach out if your ideal setup isn’t supported yet.

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