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The three step workflow

1. Expense reporter

The three step workflow

5.2.1 Capture receipts jpg

1. Expense reporter


Capture receipts

Use the SRXP app to capture receipts immediately when you receive them.


Create mileage expenses

Use Google Maps in the app to report mileages expenses. Add several destinations on one route.


Overview of expense inbox

Always stay on top of the expenses you have captured. Revisions are automatically updated in the portal.


Request trips

Get more control over budget planning by enabling employees to request trips upfront. Trips can be approved or denied by management or finance.

2. Manager

2. Manager


Stay on top of the planning

Allow your managers to get an overview of all unsubmitted expenses, so they can enforce your expense planning and regulations.


Approve or reject expenses in the app

Easily approve or reject your expenses in the SRXP app.


Give feedback

Revise information that the employee has not provided correctly, or send the report back with feedback.


Send to finance or HR

If all expenses are approved, the report will be pushed to the finance department for the second review.

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3. Finance or HR

5.4.1. Clear overview jpg

3. Finance or HR


Clear overview

Get insight on all expenses filtered on entity, functions or employee. SRXP allows you to see employee expenses and trips even when they are not submitted yet.


Control on credit cards

Get real-time data on credit card spending. Receipts and credit card transactions will be merged automatically to make sure that every payment is justified.


Effortless VAT reclaim

Save up to 20% by automating VAT reclaim on business trip expenses.



SRXP integrates seamlessly with every finance or HR system. All approved expenses can be exported with one click.

Our most loved features

  • Business Rules

    Automate your business rules to determine who can claim expenses based on: amount, category, persons, functions and entities.

  • Filters

    Get up to speed on spending filtered by: Entities, functions, departments and employees. SRXP allows you to gain easy insight on expenses made within your company.

  • Trip request

    Use the convenient trip feature to allow employees to request business trips. This will enable you to plan budgets upfront and approve or disapprove proposed expenses before they are made.

  • Credit card integration

    Never search for receipts and credit card statements ever again. Our real-time credit card integrations processes live payments and merges it with the matching receipts: making your administration 100% correct.

    Credit Card information

  • Automated VAT reclaim

    Reclaiming VAT on small business expenses used to be time-consuming and complex. SRXP simplifies this by automatically reclaiming all foreign VAT on receipts uploaded by employees: So you can save up to 20% per international business trip.