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Maximize VAT claims
Maximise VAT claims

Get cash back on all your foreign expenses.

Fast refund

Reduce processing time by leaving the claiming up to the experts.

Strengthen compliance

Make your refund process compliant to 2000+ VAT rules in 28 EU states.

SAVE UP TO 20% per business trip in three steps

  • 1. Gather expense data

    Employees capture expenses with the SRXP app. After all details have been completed we’ll format and secure them in the SRXP cloud, ready for export to tax authorities.

  • 2. Let our VAT-partners submit you claim

    Submit your expenses and even add international invoices to maximize your foreign VAT-claim.

  • 3. Get your money back

    Wait for the tax authority to process your claim and receive your refund on your company bank account.

Our prominent VAT-reclaim partners