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What is a work-at-home allowance?

A work-from-home allowance is a reimbursement for expenses incurred by employees while working from home.

In the Netherlands is recently announced that employers will be allowed to provide a home-work allowance tax-free to employees starting in 2022. The fixed travel allowance, on the other hand, may no longer be reimbursed tax-free as of December 31, 2021. 

More and more companies are therefore considering starting a home-work allowance, as compensation for costs such as a new office chair, a computer screen and a daily cup of coffee.

For companies that still process claims manually - via paper or Excel - the registration of home-working allowances creates a lot of extra administrative work. More and more companies are therefore allowing employees to register home and office days worked using an app. Convenience for the employee and the administration processes a lot faster.

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Registering homework allowances digitally - how does it work?

  • 1. Employees record number of homework days worked easily in the expense app

    When an employee has worked a day at home or office, they easily register it digitally in the expenses app. All the employee has to do is select the home work days worked. Then the app does the work.

  • 2. The expense app automatically calculates the total work days at home

    The expense report app automatically calculates the total amount of working days at home and the corresponding fee. Employees submit the homework allowances along with other expenses to the manager with one click. The manager can immediately start with digital approval.

  • 3. Employees submit their digital expense form with one click to their manager

    With an expenses app, employees collect their days worked at home and at the office easily in one expense form and submit it to their manager in one click.

Benefits of arranging a work-at-home allowance in an app

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

Ultimate control over employee's submitted homework allowances from a single digital view

The registered homeworking days of employees are stored in a digital overview and can be viewed in real time by the administration. This way you always keep control over the expenses of employees.

2. Creditcard

Easily registration of working days from home as well as the office

The number of homeworking days can differ per employee: one employee may work completely from home and another may combine this with a few days at the office. When this is not properly registered, it can cause extra work in the administration.

By digitizing the declaration process, employees can easily register both homeworking days and mileages driven via an app on their phone.

2. Creditcard
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Implement digital rules of your home working policy in expense software

With an expense app, it's possible to digitize your work-from-home policy. Is an employee for example not allowed to claim more than one homework allowance per day? Then you can easily set this rules digitally in your expense software. This way you know that employees always comply with your policy.

Our favorite work-from-home features

  • Digital home working arrangement

    Do you have special rules regarding working from home? You set up the rules of your company's policy once and then the software automatically checks whether the submitted expenses comply with these rules.

  • Real-time visibility into claimed home office expenses

    With an expense app, employees claim home office expenses directly with an app on their phones. This gives the administration real-time insight into the home office expenses/requests submitted by employees. In this way you keep control over employee expenses. Do you see a deviant spending pattern? Then you intervene immediately.

  • Mileage registration with Google Maps

    Do employees go to the office for a few days? Then employees can easily claim their mileage with the most widely used route planner in the Netherlands: Google Maps. Choose an address from your personal address book or let Google Maps recognize your current location. Employees never have to type in addresses again and Google Maps automatically calculates the kilometers you have driven.

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