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Assign an assistant to your expense reporting account

Oct 5, 2015 8:00:41 AM

Assign an assistant to your expense reporting account

It is now possible to assign an assistant to a user's expense reporting account. An assistant is someone who performs tasks on behalf of the person (s)he is assigned to. This can be helpful in for example the following situations:

  • An approver goes on vacation. He can transfer his responsibility to another approver.
  • A director wants his/her secretary to submit his expenses. She can organise and submit the expenses on his/her behalf.

How to assign an assistant
Both  admins and users can assign assistants. It is also possible to assign multiple assistants to one account.

For admins
Navigate to the user profiles in the company settings. Select a user and scroll to the bottom. You can add an assistant here by choosing another user and an activation date. It is optional to add an expiration date. Both the user and the assistant will receive an email to confirm this new setting. It is not possible to transfer admin rights to another user.

In order to keep control over admin rights, it is not possible to share these rights with someone else through the assistant functionality. To share these rights, you have to make that person admin as well.

For users
Users can assign also an assistant themselves. To do that, they have to go to their profile. The fourth button on top says ‘assistant’. The admin(s) will receive a confirmation email as well.

How to work as an assistant
The assistant can navigate to the account of his/her colleague by clicking on the company logo in the left top corner. SRXP registers the actions of the assistant. You can find this in the history of an expense report. This way you always know who is accountable.

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