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New partnership with SnelStart

We are thrilled to announce SRXP now integrates with SnelStart and that SnelStart has officially recognised SRXP as their partner! SRXP and SnelStart both share the vision of putting customers first in the development and support of their software.

Apr 14, 2016 10:52:37 AM

Introducing our export format CSV 2.0

During the last few weeks, we have worked on an update of our CSV export format. We are happy to announce that it is now the default CSV export for new clients. Current customers can request the new format as well, though you would have to map it again to match your needs.

Apr 7, 2016 1:50:52 PM

New white paper: How much can you save on your expense reporting process?

Do you know how many minutes are spent every month on submitting and processing expenses? Especially in larger companies, the Finance or HR Department (depending on where the expenses are processed) doesn't realise how time-consuming this is for the expense reporters. They are, however, very aware of the minutes spent on processing expenses: manually archiving the receipts and copying them in the company's ERP. Research has shown that the entire process of reporting, approving and processing one expense can easily take up 30 minutes! 

Mar 31, 2016 9:42:56 AM

Why we have Customer Success Managers instead of a support team (and we're looking for one!)

All across the B2B SaaS industry, a new role has quickly emerged. The name of this role: Customer Success Manager. A quick search on this job title on Google shows over 14,000,000 results. On LinkedIn, 18,000 people hold a position as a Customer Success Manager, and there are 2,000 jobs available with the same title.

Mar 30, 2016 6:00:29 PM

SRXP Sneak Peek: Take a peek behind the scenes

Do you want to take a peek behind the scenes of SRXP? We are happy to invite you to the SRXP Sneak Peek on Thursday, April 21. During that day, we will present our vision and what product updates you can expect from us in the near future. Besides this, you will be able to have quick peek in the daily activities of several colleagues.

Mar 29, 2016 2:34:08 PM

Split the travel allowance into taxed and untaxed mileage expenses

As you know, you are free to reimburse a higher travel allowance per kilometer or per mile than your country's tax law allows to be reimbursed untaxed. We therefore introduce a product update that allows you to book the taxed and the untaxed part to different systems or different GL Accounts in your financial or HR system.

Mar 16, 2016 10:00:26 AM

Hidden feature: The advanced search filter

This article is the first in a serie of posts about SRXP's what we call 'hidden features'. SRXP is packed with functionalities to make expense reporting more efficient and insightful. However, you might not have noticed all of these features, or you might not be aware how to use them. With these articles we want to help you to make the best possible use of SRXP. We start off with the search filter.

Feb 29, 2016 8:00:17 PM

5 Trends that explain the popularity of cloud-based expense reporting

Every day more businesses realise the added value of cloud-based expense reporting. While cloud-based accounting has been popular for many years, expense reporting was for many organisations of secondary importance. That is changing rapidly. Cloud-based expense reporting tools – consisting of a mobile app to capture and submit business expenses and an online portal for more advanced features – are quickly becoming standard across all sectors of industry. At SRXP, we identified five trends that explain the popularity of cloud-based expense reporting: TREND 1: Cloud-based software has become the new standard Firstly, finance departments have become more accustomed to cloud-based software. After switching to cloud-based finance software, it is easy to connect add-ons to improve other parts of the company’s financial process as well. Invoicing was one of the first add-ons adopted by many organisations, partly because it is a relatively cheap add-on, and it’s generally a quite straightforward process compared to expense reporting. As the complexity of your business grows, you will need more features and a more flexible system to fit your requirements. TREND 2 Travel spendings are rising Allowing employees to travel for work has become common because businesses are operating in larger areas than before. In our globalising world, it has become easier to open offices in other towns and countries, making it necessary for employees to travel between offices. The Aberdeen Group reported in 2011 that on average 7 percent of the annual budget was spent on business travel expenses. Only two years later, they reported an increase of 3 percent: In 2013 companies, on average, spend 10 percent of the budget on travel expenses. When the spending on business travel expenses increases, the need for efficient processing and control on expense reporting raises likewise. TREND 3 Accountability and business transparency is high on the agenda Expense scandals are all over the news. One the most infamous ones is the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal. This is only one of the countless scandals that have roamed the newsrooms in the past decade. These scandals are still being published all around and have a colossal impact on corporate and political reputation. In The Netherlands, expense scandals of politicians and board members have been dominating the news year round. Best-in-class expense reporting software offers features that allow expense policies to be enforced more diligently. By defining, for example, who is allowed to report what kind of expenses for what maximum amount. Claiming restricted expenses is impossible. Moreover, cloud-based expense reporting allows for easy approval, making it possible to check the expenses from every location at any time.

Feb 26, 2016 9:45:35 AM

Unique agreement with Dutch National Bank allows Dutch financial institutions to use SRXP

We are proud to tell that SRXP now has a unique agreement with Dutch National Bank (DNB), which is a prerequisite before Dutch financial institutions are allowed replace any process with a cloud-based solution. SRXP is the first expense reporting specialist in the cloud that has this agreement with DNB.

Feb 10, 2016 9:15:18 AM

Should I, Would I, Cloud I?

Since the beginning of this decennium, many finance professionals claim “working in the cloud” is the way to go for organisations. At the same time, others emphasise the downsides of working online. Are the sceptics right in their statements? Or is the situation comparable to roughly twenty-five years ago, when many were very critical about digitising important documents? If the latter is the case, a turnaround is likely to happen. Nowadays, letters are less and less often sent in envelopes. The only reason that postman is still a profession is because of package deliveries of online stores.

Feb 1, 2016 10:27:24 PM

SRXP is now a certified AFAS Partner

We are happy to announce AFAS has certified our new integration with AFAS, and has officially recognised SRXP as their partner. You can download the certification report from our partner page on the AFAS website.

Jan 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM

SRXP is nominated for European FinTech Awards 2016

We are nominated for the European FinTech Awards 2016! 

Jan 15, 2016 9:15:00 AM

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