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SRXP’s first Sneak Peek was a great success!

Apr 25, 2016 1:52:38 PM

SRXP’s first Sneak Peek was a great success!

On the 21st of April, we organised a Sneak Peek for our clients. Firstly we would like to thank our clients and partners who joined us for this wonderful day! The idea behind the event was to give clients a sneak peek into the daily business at our office, into our roadmap, and into SRXP’s future.

It was a very successful event for SRXP, our clients, and our partners. In the short questionnaire afterwards, our clients awarded the Sneak Peek with an 8 on average!

Before the Sneak Peek started, we invited a few of our most important clients to join us for lunch. During this lunch, Chief Product Owner (CPO) Rogier Schutte discussed with them a feature that will be released soon: the VAT reclaim. This feature will allow you to reclaim tax on expenses in foreign countries.

The Sneak Peek started at 2pm and the following subjects were on the agenda:



CEO Pieter Verbruggen gave the clients and partners more insight on how SRXP has grown over the years and what kind of features have been added. Furthermore, SRXP has realised nearly 600 integrations and connected 840 credit cards since the introduction of this feature a few months ago. 


SRXP in the future

Our CPO Rogier Schutte shared his vision of a how the financial administration of corporates should look like. SRXP is a expense management specialist. We believe in modular financial software, integrated with each other. That approach allows organisations to enhance the financial processes one by one, instead of getting stuck in one big change process. Moreover, you can pick best-in-class products for every process. That is why SRXP will continue to focus on business expenses, even though invoicing is so closely related. In the future, there are two pillars on which we will base or roadmap decisions: automation and providing insights. That is how we will strengthen our position.


A Sneak Peek of our roadmap

During the Sneak Peek, our clients got a sneak peek in SRXP’s roadmap. They were able to see which features will be released in the next few months. On top of that, they had the opportunity to see the demo or designs of these features before everyone else. One of these feature we already gave away: the VAT reclaim, but we want to keep the other ones a surprise for now.


SRXP for the advanced user

Stefanos Kourelis, our Customer Success Manager, showed some of our hidden features. We will publish these on our blog as well, so keep an eye on this blog and subscribe for our monthly roundup of published blog post in the sidebar.


Behind the scenes

A Sneak Peek means to have a look behind the scenes. In a Q&A of about 10 minutes we answered all the questions our clients and partners had. Our Security Expert Aloïs Thévenot gave a brief presentation about one of the ways SRXP makes sure your data is safe. We do so by inviting ethical hackers to try to hack our system en report any issue they might find in return for a reward. Lastly, Simon Widler (Customer Success Manager) explained how SRXP gathers and prioritises feature requests.

After the Sneak Peek, we invited everyone to our office to discuss the day whilst enjoying a drink. We also hired a cameraman to shoot a few testimonials where we interviewed some of our clients and partners to ask them about their experiences with SRXP and our product.

We hope to see you at our next Sneak Peek!

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Pieter Verbruggen

Pieter Verbruggen

CEO & Founder
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