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Automatiseer buitenlandse btw-teruggave en bespaar tot 20% per business trip

Bespaar tijd

Bespaar 75% van verwerkingstijd

Ultieme controle

Krijg real-time data over creditcarduitgaven

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Filter declaraties op basis van functiegroepen, afdelingen en entiteiten

What is expenses software?

Expense software is special software that digitizes the expense process of companies.

From a desk full of paper to typing over Excel sheets: for companies that still expense on paper or Excel, the expense process is a time-consuming chore for the entire administration. This while you can very easily simplify this process by using expenses software.

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Declaratiesoftware - how does it work?

  • Employees scan their receipts with an expense app

    Employees easily scan receipts with their expense app. SRXP's OCR software scans information of the receipt (such as the amount, currency and location) and automatically incorporates it into the expense app. The employee simply adds the digital expenses to a form and submits it with one click to their manager.

  • 2. Managers check expenses digitally in just one swipe

    Submitted expenses are automatically checked for compliance with expense policies using digital claim rules. The manager then approves the expenses in just one swipe from the app.

  • 3. Finance exports the expenses to their accounting software with one click

    After performing the final check, the financial administration exports claims to the accounting software with one click.

Expenses software - the benefits at a glance

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

Real-time insight and ultimate control over expenses

After employees have submitted their expenses, the expenses are immediately visible in real time in a digital overview. In addition, the administration maintains ultimate control over business expenses by setting digital business rules. In this way, the expense report software takes some of the control out of your hands.

2. Creditcard

Automatically debit credit card statements

With expense software, manually debiting credit card statements is a thing of the past. After scanning a receipt, the expenses software immediately searches for the corresponding transaction based on matching date, amount and currency.

2. Creditcard
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Fully digital process

From submission to export: with expense report software, companies have a fully digital and automated expense report process at their disposal, saving every department an enormous amount of time. Employees submit their expenses with an expenses app, managers can approve them with a swipe of the mouse, and finance processes them easily from a single digital overview. No more cumbersome processes with paper forms or Excel sheets. 

More than 100,000 people worldwide already using expense software

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