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For companies that do a lot of fieldwork, such as AEGIR-Marine, expense management is one of the biggest operational expenses. AEGIR-Marine saw the costs and time saving opportunities of automation, and made digital expense management part of their strategic plans.

Before AEGIR-Marine decided to work with SRXP, their expense reporting process was fully manual. Finance Manager Thijs van Berkel explains: 'We used to work with Excel sheets and regularly receipts got lost somewhere within the company. Luckily, now we have perfect insight into where the expense reports are. This automatically gives us an insight into whether an expense should be, or already is, approved.'

Another reason for AEGIR-Marine to work with SRXP was to get rid of the manual work. To increase the company’s efficiency, all necessary data will go to the financial administration without doing manual entry. 

Simplicity and structure

For AEGIR-Marine, simplicity of the product is vital. This was one of the main reasons they chose to work with SRXP. 'It is very easy-to-use for employees and the product allows us to be flexible when it comes to adjusting the environment within the application'. Most of AEGIR-Marine’s employees were positive about the implementation of SRXP. Still a few people were so used working with Excel that this was a big change. According to Thijs van Berkel, 'at that time, some employees experienced Excel as more flexible tool because they could report multiple expenses in their time-sheets. This is exactly what we were trying to prevent. Thanks to SRXP, we now have more structure in the expense reporting process'. 

Easily forward expenses to the commissioning company

SRXP already fulfils an important role in AEGIR-Marine’s current operations, and that role grow even bigger in the near future. 'Our next step will be an integration of SRXP with our invoicing module. Because of this, we will be able to forward expenses made by employees, when working on an external project, to the commissioning company.' This will be a huge advantage for AEGIR-Marine because all expenses made will be added to the invoice for their clients. 'The best part will be that we can then attach a copy of all the receipts at once, which will result in optimisation of this particular process.'

Always working on product improvements

SRXP highly values feedback from our customers. We believe this can contribute to a better roadmap and that it will lead to higher customer satisfaction. Thijs van Berkel acknowledges this as well: 'The fact that you listen to the customer really speaks to us. If we think their could be some improvements regarding the functionality, you receive this feedback with open arms and sometimes you even implement it right away.'


20,000+ Expenses
81 Users
2015 First Year
€ 7.640 Annual savings estimate