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What does mileage registration entail?

Mileage logging means that employees keep track of the number of business kilometres driven in order to claim from their employer.

Companies used to register the number of kilometres driven by means of a paper form. Nowadays, it is possible to register this digitally with a declaration app.

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Car mileage logging with an expense app - how does it work?

  • 1. Fill in your route and calculate your kilometres with Google Maps

    Avoid paperwork. Mileage registration starts with entering your driven route. Simply choose an address from your personal address book or type it in the search bar. Google Maps will automatically calculate your mileage.

  • 2. Easily add stopovers to your route

    Did you pick up a colleague on your way to the customer? With one push on the button you can add this extra destination to your route. The claims app will automatically add these extra kilometres to your existing route.

  • 3. The employee submits the claim directly to his/her manager

    After completing your route, you can easily link your mileage registration to a corresponding category or project for which you want to claim the costs. Finally, simply add a description, so your manager knows exactly why you registered these kilometres.

Advantages of registering kilometres with a expense app

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

Fully digital process

No more hassle with paper forms, copying addresses and manually calculating kilometres: with a claims app, kilometres driven are digitally registered.

2. Creditcard

Automatic mileage calculation with Google Maps

Calculating your mileage is no longer necessary with a claims app. All you have to do is fill in the starting and ending points of your route. Google Maps will then automatically calculate the kilometres you have travelled. 

2. Creditcard
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Submit on the go and pay out faster ✅

Medewerkers declareren de kilometerdeclaraties eenvoudig onderweg vanuit de auto en dienen deze direct in bij de manager. De manager start direct met accorderen en de medewerker krijgt kilometerdeclaraties sneller uitbetaald.

More than 100.000 business travellers already register kilometres with an app

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