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Efficient payment and expensing in just three steps

Step 1 | Employees pay with their corporate creditcard and scan receipts with an app

Employees pay easily with Mastercard Corporate and capture their receipts with the expense app of SRXP.

Step 2 | Automatic merging of creditcard transactions with receipts

Based on corresponding location, date and amount, the receipts will be automatically merged with the creditcard transactions of Mastercard.

Step 3 | Finance exports expenses with just one click

After checking, finance processes the creditcard expenses into the finance or HR system with just one click.

Effortless expense convenience with Mastercard & SRXP


Your benefits

  • Safe pay and expense method; all creditcard payments are insured;
  • Creditcard transactions always justified with a digital receipt: never lose any receipts again;
  • Ultimate control on creditcard transactions per employee.

Your saving

Qualifications of the partners in excellence


Mastercard This is what you get with the master in control:

  • Creditcards that suits your company best, based on your business size:

    Mastercard Business (Up to +/- 10 credit cards) and Mastercard Corporate (From +/- 15 credit cards)

  • Worldwide ease of payment; 

  • Fully secured payment- and expense process: ICS has different insurences for their corporate creditcards. Purchases with the creditcards of ICS are insured for 180 days.

SRXP EnterpriseAll-in-one pay and expense process with Mastercard & SRXP:

  • Easy pay- and expense process:
    Employees pay with their Mastercard Corporate and scan their receipts easily in the app

  • 24/7 insight in expenses of employees: from the moment employees have paid, transactions are immediately visible to the administration.

  • Export creditcard transactions with just one click to your accounting system: SRXP integrates with every Finance- or HR system.

About Mastercard

Master in control

Mastercard is a global pioneer in business creditcards. The creditcards of Mastercard are one of the best accepted credit cards worldwide. You can use Mastercards for all kinds of transactions.

With over 3 million credit cards in The Netherlands International Card Services (ICS) is marketleader in the Netherlands in issuing business creditcards. ICS has been issuing Mastercard credit cards for over 30 years.

ICS works with clients from consumers, to SMEs up to large businesses. ICS credit cards are the most accepted credit cards on the globe. Paying with ICS cards is choosing for global safety, excellent service and insurances for if you ever need any.