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Payment and processing efficiency in three steps

Step 1

Pay with Mastercard Corporate and capture the receipt with the SRXP-app

Step 2

The receipt will be automatically merged with the Mastercard transaction

Step 3

After checking, the expense will be processed into the finance or HR system with one click.

Effortless expense convenience


Your benefits

  • All payments are insured
  • Never lose any receipts
  • Control on transactions per employee

Your saving

  • Automated foreign VAT reclaim and save up to 20% per business trip
  • Cut manual labor, save 75% of the processing time
  • Positive return on investment within months

Qualifications of the partners in excellence


Mastercard Corporate Master in control

  • For SMEs and large businesses.
  • No interest on credit card transactions.
  • Customizable spend limit.
  • Insurances and guarantees: Internet- and delivery guarantee, Purchase insurance, luggage- and flight delay insurance, and misuse insurance. 
  • Complementary services: SafeGuard Support, Emergency Cash and Emergency Card.

SRXP Enterprise Insight on all expenses

  • For SMEs and large businesses.
  • Reclaim all foreign VAT automatically.
  • Centralize all expenses in your online environment.
  • Functions like: Expenses, Mileages, Filter on Projects, GL-codes, services, and automatic business rules.
  • Integration with every Finance- or HR system.

About Mastercard corporate

Master in control

International Card Services (ICS) has been issuing Mastercard en Visa credit cards for over 30 years.

With over 3 million credit cards in The Netherlands only ICS has established itself as market leader.

ICS works with clients from consumers, to SMEs up to large businesses. ICS credit cards are the most accepted credit cards on the globe; Paying with ICS cards is choosing for global safety, excellent service and insurances for if you ever need any.