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What is a time registration app?

With a time tracking app, employees easily record overtime worked through an app on their phone.

The registration of extra workhours is especially applicable for employees who work on a project basis. The hours worked on a project may vary from person to person.

Employees must register overtime worked so that the administration can pay out these extra hours. In addition, proper time registration gives the administration insight into how much time has been spent on the project. The administration can also use the registered hours to monitor the balance between the actual time spent and the budgeted costs of the project.

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Timekeeping with an app - how does it work?

  • 1. Employee selects number of hours worked digitally in the app

    The employee simply registers overtime by digitally selecting the number of hours worked. To justify the overtime, the employee can add a description. Filling in paper forms or Excel sheets is no longer necessary.

  • 2. Employee links overtime worked directly to correct project and category

    Has the employee worked overtime on a specific project? Then the employee can directly link the registered hours to the correct project or ledger. This saves work for the administration.

  • 3. Employees send the number of hours worked to the manager with one click

    Now that all data has been entered, the employee simply sends his hourly declaration to the manager. The manager can immediately start digital approval.

Benefits of registering hours with an expense app

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Real-time insight into hours per project

By letting employees register hours with an app you have real-time insight into the number of hours spent per project. This way you keep control over the number of hours spent per project and you intervene when an employee spends too many hours.

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Digital timekeeping

Companies where time registration takes place though paper forms or Excel sheets, spent a lot of time administering them. In addition, it increases the chance of errors. By submitting a digital expense with an app, you have a completely digital process at your disposal: expense data are stored digitally and you can easily manage your hour administration from one digital overview. 

More than 100,000 employees worldwide already register their overtime with app

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