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Cut costs

Save up to 20% per businesstrip by reclaiming all your foreign VAT

Reduce time

Reduce expense handling time by 75%

Gain control

Get real-time data on company credit card spending

Get insight

Get insights on spending by functions, departments and entities

What is Travel & Expense software?

Travel and expense software is special software for companies with business travelers - within the country and abroad.

From commuting costs to business trips abroad: the type and the amount of travel expenses may vary form company to company.  The fact remains that these travel expenses and the associated receipts and invoices must be accurately recorded to account for the administration and not to forget: the tax authorities.

The tax authorities regard these travel- and business expenses, since they are part of the work of an employee. The employer therefore usually pays these expenses at the same time as the salary (under the same VAT rate). 

Employees who incur travel expenses at home or abroad usually collect these expenses themselves and claim them to the employer afterwards. In practice, this does not always go well. Employees forget or lose their receipts or invoices during their trip, so that the costs are no longer justifiable. Especially for employees who pay with a business credit card, accounting for credit card statements is not their top priority.

Nowadays you can let employees claim their travel expenses easily online with an travel expenses app. No more hassle with paper forms or Excel sheets ánd the expenses are always justified.

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Travel and expense software - how does it work?

  • 1. The employee collect his or her travel expenses during his trip in the expense app

    Whether the employee is in a car on the way to a customer or on a plane for a business trip to Dubai, with an travel expense app it's possible to submit your expenses everywhere you go.

  • 2. The travelling employee sends the collected expenses in a digital expense form from his/her current location

    When all the travel expenses are collected, the employee can easily put it in a digital form and submit it directly to the manager - regardless of where that person is located.

  • 3. The manager has an digital overview of the travel expenses and can start with the approving process

    The manager receives a push-notification of the submitted digital travel expenses and can start directly with the approving process.

Benefits of Travel & Expense Software

1. Telefoon+reeksbonnen

Employees submit expenses easily on the way

Employees can submit their travel expenses anytime, anywhere, no matter where the person is. This way, the manager and the administration can already start with processing - during the trip - which saves a lot of work at the end. 

2. Creditcard

Real-time insight in travel- and creditcardexpenses

Once a business traveler has paid abroad, the credit card transactions are real-time visible to the manager. Do you see excessive spending of your employee? Then you can intervene immediately.

2. Creditcard
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Reclaim foreign VAT easily

Travel & Expense Software makes it possible to automaticly reclaim the VAT of your expenses. It works very easily. An employee submits his or her expenses in the Travel and Expense Software. Once approved and processed in the bookkeepingsoftware, the foreign VAT software starts with calculating your VAT to be received (taking into account 2200 different vat rules.) Read more about reclaiming foreign VAT with VAT software.

More than 100,000 employees all over the world submit their travel expenses with an app

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